Ebay Remotes and Remote Head Keys
How To Purchase:
When purchasing keys and remotes from online retailers (such as EBAY or Amazon), it can be difficult to ensure you are purchasing the correct product for your vehicle.  Always verify the year, make, and model for compatability; but MOST importantly, verify the FCCID number for all remotes (including remote head keys).  The FCC ID number is a string of letters and numbers that identify the radio frequency the remote emits.  To give an idea of what an FCCID# looks like, an example of an FCCID# for a 2010 Dodge Ram would be "1YZ-C01C."  Many remotes may look identical, but have differing FCCID numbers (especially Nissan I-Keys).  It is extremely important to match the FCCID#.  Your vehicle is designed to recognize this specific radio frequency and any remote that emits a different frequency will not be recognized by your vehicle and will not program.  The FCCID# is typically stamped on the remote (on OEM remotes).  This is the surest way to purchase the correct remote/transmitter for your vehicle.  When in doubt, or if you are unable to find the correct information, ask a professional.
How To Program:
About half of the remotes purchased from online retailers can be programmed without any special equipment.  The customers can program their remote themselves.  This is called "On Board Programming" or "OBP."  A Google search can often return programming procedures for the different makes or these procedures can oftentimes be found in the owner's manual.  If your specific vehicle does not on board program, the remote will either need to be programmed by the Dealer (often pricey-average $75), or by an automotive locksmith with programming equipment.  Locked N Coded can program your online purchased remotes for most Japanese and Domestic makes (listed at the bottom of the page) and most remotes can be programmed for $30-$60.  Call for pricing on your specific vehicle.